Virtual V.Q. Tour Launches


VQ Admin

We’ve all spent more time at home in 2020, and we aren’t able to get out and around like we want to. Issues like travel restrictions and quarantines have kept the streets pretty quiet lately, and The Victorian Quarter is no different. Our friends, neighbours, & customers aren’t able to visit our charming area in person, but now there’s another option. The V.Q. marketing committee has put together “The Virtual V.Q.”, an interactive 3D tour of the area utilising Google Earth technology.

Now, users can fly above Cork, seeing The V.Q. outline and then be whisked from highlight to highlight. A table of contents acts as a tour guide and information is displayed for every stop on the tour. Unlike real tours, you can go and explore on your own and then return to the short tour by clicking back on the table of contents. The tour features historical buildings as well as up-and-coming projects in the area.

To get started, click the link below and Google Earth will load. The tour starts with a bird’s eye view over Cork, and you can then click on the arrows in the table of contents on the bottom left corner of the page to commence the tour.

The Virtual V.Q. Tour