Tug of War on St. Patrick’s Bridge




Everyone is talking about the Victorian Quarter around Cork! But seven years ago there were only two street lights working on the whole street and half the businesses were closed. There was no ‘CASK’ ‘Son Of A Bun’, no ‘Fish Wife’, no ‘White Rabbit’ etc.  The ‘Traders of the Victorian’ have worked together pooling their knowledge and resources to rejuvenate the area and its paid off!

The Traders branded Mac Curtain Street and the surrounding area as ‘The Victorian Quarter’, based on the historic architecture. They had a clear vision of how they wanted the Quarter to look and feel. Most importantly, they wished to enhance the overall experience of the area for the local, national and international visitor.

Music Festivals such as ‘Soul in City’, mini and pop up events such as ‘Sample Our Street’ and ‘Pop up Christmas’ have helped generate interest and showcase all the Quarter has to offer. The quarters website and social media platforms are a shop window for the different businesses, news and events taking in the area. The creation and use of the hashtags #crossthebridge #victorianquarter have helped gather momentum on line for the area.

The Traders have always referred to St. Patricks Bridge as ‘The Gateway to the Victorian Quarter’ and as it also ties in so nicely with the Quarter hashtag, what better way to celebrate the restoration of this historic bridge by challenging another of the city’s active trader groups to a dual!

A Tug Of War took place on Monday 29th April at noon on Patrick’s Bridge. The Victorian Quarter Traders challenged the Douglas Street Business Association to a dual at noon! For an unbiased account please read Eoin English account of the events https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/discover/watch-northsiders-win-titanic-tug-of-war-challenge-in-cork-920750.html