Victorian Quarter, Cork

Cask is unlike any other Cocktail bar in Ireland. Every twelve weeks we reveal a completely new Cocktail menu so our drinks can run in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. Foraged ingredients and small artisan suppliers give us an abundance of produce to play with. Constantly changing and evolving we’ll take you on an imbibing journey from cold winters to long summer days, always with a hat tip to Cork and wee bit of tongue in cheek.

Cask was opened in Feb 2017 in a former antique shop in Corks Victorian quarter. Huge emphasis was placed on restoring the building and it’s vast stone walls, coloured tiles and court yard formed the back bone for the modern art deco design.

At the heart of Cask is our drinks programme. We run a seasonal cocktail menu which changes every 8 weeks. The concept is ┬ásimple, mother nature determines which direction our drinks evolve. We forage wild ingredients and use amazing local producers to create a menu we believe is the most original and interesting in this Country. You won’t find any classics on our list, each one is and always will be completely signature and we have a team of mixologists who have won numerous national competitions and worked in Michelin star establishments.

In colder months our flavours are bold and earthy. Dark fruits, nuts. Woody herbs. Warm drinks. As Spring and Summer looms our drinks become lighter, more floral, intense and vibrant. Three specialist Japanese ice machines and a general obsession with ice helps us stand out from other cocktail bars. Ice is our everything, block ice, ball ice, flavoured ice. All our drinks tell a story. Predominantly Cork stories. From the infamous Katty Barry, Corks most famous publican to Roy Keane and our Mayfield inspired “Cork first, Ireland second” to the “Tapper”. A Cork legend who would dress up in three piece suits while ‘tapping’ his walking stick as he begged for money for pints.

The Victorian Quarter, Cork















The Victorian Quarter, Cork The Victorian Quarter, Cork