Penrose Dock Wins Architectural Award


VQ Admin

The Victorian Quarter is known for it’s award-winning restaurants, bars, and entertainment; but now even the buildings themselves are winning prizes. The new Penrose Dock complex was recently recognised as “Building Of The Year” at the 4th annual Building & Architect awards. Cork’s own Wilson Architecture also won the category of “Large Office” building before going on to win the overall award against the other 28 category winners.

The complex was noted for it’s infusion of glass and pilasters, creating a modern yet elegant design while also incorporating existing structures that are closely tied to Cork’s history. The complex is 3 buildings, with 2 being utilised for workspaces. There is approzimately 250,000 sq. ft. across the two main buildings.

Glass walls keeping everything bright.
The glass atrium of Penrose 2.






Frank O’Mahony, Managing Director of Wilson Architecture and Lead Architect on Penrose Dock accecpted the honour during the virtual awards event, saying “Our design embraces the historical and urban setting which includes the original Penrose House, and from which we drew our concept for the classically proportioned facades of the new buildings. The overall development contributes not only to the architectural quality of its immediate environment, but also to the wider city centre experience.”

Penrose Dock, along with the nearby Horgan’s Quay development have completely transformed the eastern corner of The Victorian Quarter and more closely connected Kent Rail Station to the more active centre of the area. Congrats to all those who worked on this outstanding project.