Kent Station added to Cork’s public bike scheme



Now rail commuters can hop on a bike … Kent Station added to Cork’s public bike scheme

The city’s public bike scheme has been extended to Kent Station, with the opening of two docking stations.

The Coke Zero bike system has become a convenient way to get around the city. It has 7,300 members and 1,000 bike trips are made in the city daily. The new bike stations at Kent Station bring the number of docks in Cork City to 33.

The two new bike stations are on the recently opened bus-rail interchange plaza, located between Alfred Street and Horgan’s Quay.

The stations comprise 24 bollards at Kent West and 22 bollards at Kent East.

Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, said: “The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Bikes have been a wonderful success across the board, but particularly in Cork, so it is encouraging to see the expansion of the scheme to Kent Station. As Cork continues to grow as a city, promoting sustainable transport is essential and these bikes offer people another option for the commute.”

Stephen Hackett, business development manager, Kent Station, Cork, said: “The provision of extra bikes makes commuting by train a healthy and sustainable option for those that may be working in different areas of the city.”