ACET wins ‘Outstanding Language School in Cork’ award



ACET is a family run English Language School in Cork, welcoming clients to Ireland from all over the world. Recently, the company found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Most Outstanding English Language School of the Year 2019 – Cork County. Following this win, we caught up with Joelle Coade who provided us with a glimpse into the outstanding services the team at ACET delivers.

Since their inception in 1975, ACET’s main objective have been to provide English language training to a level above International standards and to always succeed their customers’ expectations. Alongside offering general English courses, examination preparation courses, teacher training programmes and corporate training to name but a few, the team at ACET also offers an in-house service for accommodation and social activities, all organised and managed by the company. When discussing their service offering in greater detail, Joelle begins by informing us of the diverse client base ACET delivers to, but also highlights the key areas the company specialises in.


“ACET offers English language Services on so many levels to clients of all nationalities. From pre-booking advice, booking administration and language consultation to their accommodation needs, transport and social activities. We sell not only English courses, but the Irish life & culture& experience. We were Cork’s first English Language school and in fact of the country’s first and remaining language school of its type.

“Many of our clients come from all parts of the world, from a diverse range of age groups, cultures and economic backgrounds. However, we make them feel welcomed at our school regardless. In ACET, we promote inclusivity, equality and kindness. Also, we are hugely ethical and our warm family atmosphere is spread amongst our team and clients. Most of all, we are extremely culturally sensitive and we have a genuine passion for our job.” Enabling ACET to deliver these personalised and exceptional services, is the dynamic, experienced and committed team which forms the backbone of the company. Whilst on the topic of the internal culture, Joelle is keen to reveal the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “The role of the staff is very important at ACET. We take pride on being a community and family. To provide a quality service, ACET promotes a working environment which encourages empowerment, trust, cooperation and teamwork. Also, we consistently provide opportunities for our team to grow, earn and advance in our company.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at ACET hope to build upon the remarkable success they have achieved over the years, which includes being selected in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Most Outstanding English Language School of the Year 2019 Cork County. Moving forward, ACET will continue to deliver an impeccable service, despite the increasingly unstable economic climate that we live in.